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The Maximizer

an animated video

A short video made in After Effects. About a guy in London who lives his life to the max and still wants more. To be seen at the design page.


Pictures below were made during the proces of making the video.

The Fidelity Is Right

This project got out of hand. :-) We were assigned to rework a chapter out of a PhD paper by Guido Stompff.

In short: Different situations, people and/or clients ask for different levels of graphic fidelity. Sketches, 3D models, etc.

The question is: When to use which one?


Instead of a conventional infographic, we came up with  a 70s game-show themed PDF. This which will teach and test the user about these fidelities.


The concept and design is rather, ehh distinctive. But proved itself to be popular and effective.


(click the image to open the PDF)

Report Video

'Track Day Zolder'

In this assessment, we were given the task to make a short video about a certain event.


We chose to cover the Super Sunday trackday at Circuit Zolder. (Belgium)


Editing and camera by Kay Lousberg and me.

Music Clip

'Drink Evian'

To help out my friends (who I met at my previous school) I filmed the music clip of MC Aqua ft. The Drops - Drink Evian.


The commercial is a mix of typical white boy hip hop and the promotion for the Evian water.


Editing by Tony Eijkenboom.

Company Video


My first attempt at a video about a company. It started out as a reportage with an interview.


The shop owner asked for a version without the interview for personal use.


Camera by Michelle Drooghaag and me. Editing by me.

Photo series


For the Berlin photoset, I tried to capture the life within subway (U-bahn) stations and trains.



Carlendar Update

For the Carlendar, I had to do quite some research to actually find out what my future user needs. This is the report:

Partnership confirmed!

Even more great news. During my last semester I will develop a website called the 'Carlendar'. It will be a revolutionary platform to find, host and follow car events.

My partner is  AutoWeek magazine. With 4 million visitors each month, Hollands biggest platform for car enthusiasts.

They will assist me and eventually host the website.


a multimedia story

The biggest project so far. In teams of 4, we had to make a multimedia story about the Brightlands project. A provincial funded prestige project which claims to develop highly sustainable products.


I led the team and together we developed a very creative insight about Brightlands. We took several very interesting interviews, made videos, infographics. And I was responsible for creating the website. Which was my first big coding assignment thus far.

We have been selected as overall best and the project has been published at several websites.


My coworkers were Michelle Drooghaag (video) Dirkje Purnot (infographics) and Lizzy Vroemen (introduction video).

I think we did an outstanding job!


(click the image to open the site)


'Coding 4 Kids'

In my final assessment of my first year's school. We had to develop a teaching method to enthuse and learn kids about coding.


Together with three other students we created 'Coding with Minions'. Below you can view our result.


A video by Sem Dumont.

Generative Art

'Automotive Art'

In the third semester, we were assigned to use code to create generative art.


To view the complete process, please click here.


I wrote a program which converts images into randomly sized dots.

As subject, I chose to use profile pictures of cars.


Because these dots are always different in size, not a single work of art is identical.


The results are available for sale digitally and on print. Check out the dedicated 'Automotive Art' page for more information.


My first  proper design assignment at my new school, Zuyd Hogeschool.


I had to design a small booklet and website for children. It would contain the program of the festival, but interviews and news as well.

I never really made a design for this target audience. So I decided to draw all the illustrations myself and by hand.

Processing Game

'Le Mans'

During the second semester, we were told to create a game. In this game, a character had to catch or avoid falling objects.

I translated this instruction to a Le Mans themed racing game.

Great News!

In February I officially became a designer. I've been offered a contract at Design-agency Saus in Maastricht. It's a part time job to combine with my school.

More info at my LinkedIn page.

Le Mans Game


I managed to upload my Le Mans game for you to play. (It was fairly easy actually) I also shortened the gameplay and updated some other minor things.


Click the image below to open the game. Stick around to at least level 25 ;-) Have fun!

Video Projects

For my film making class, we had to produce several videos. Including the ones below. The first one is the introduction of a certain person/profession.

The video below features a splitscreen effect, which shows a cause and effect of a certain event. Enjoy!

Research Principles

'Social Media and Narcissism'

For my Research Principles class, we had to research a subject close to our interests. And since our world is led by status, egos and social media pages. I wanted to find out whether these are actually linked to narcissism.


In the report below, I've summarized my complete investigation. And the results might surprise you. (In Dutch)

BMX Documentary

For my audiovisual class we had to make a short video about a subculture. With the pros and cons  of that particular group.


Unfortunately, the video shown here is not the definitive version. We did an interview with the police. For privacy issues this part is edited out.

Photo series


In this set of pictures, I focus on several  entrepreneurs. Despite their differences, the shop owners have one thing in common. They're all located in the Rechtstraat in Maastricht.

We Are The Future

In this assignment, we were asked to design a composition with the (near) future in mind.


I wanted to show my 'fear' of what could be the future. A world in which no-one has attention for their physical environment. And only focuses at their phone.